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Hi dear reader on KayVics, do you have something you want to share with us? Or are you are a writer/poet/blogger or story writter that wants to be featured on this site? is open for you if you want to write, contribute and let your voice be heard. .

Note: this is called guest posting and it differs from Sponsored posts

The Articles we accept here on KayVics are topics that concerns Entertainment, Inspirational, Fashion, Humor, Life, events etc.(as far as possible)
1. Articles must be original i.e. all your articles must be written by you. Don't copy from another source because such articles won't be published.[If you got your information through research, make sure you write in your own words to avoid being mistaken for copied content]
2. Articles should be accurate to a good extent where dates, events, and places are mentioned to avoid any form of ambiguity from readers.
3. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of obvious grammatical errors though we are not against vernacular so you can express yourself as you can because we will work on the grammar if needed before publication.
4. Articles should have an image that is related to the article title. This helps a lot to improve reading experience for our reader's and it marches our blog layout.
5. Articles should be long enough to be called a blog post. We don't mean that short write ups don't convey information but what we want is that the expected audience get the message you are trying to pass across through the post so research and write explicitly on your topic however we won't reject a short post because KayVics media will work on it.
6. Articles should not include as far as possible insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group and indecency is not allowed.
 1. Not all submitted Articles will be published. They will only get published if they meet the above guidelines
 2. We might not publish your Article on the time you expect because we will have to check the originality of the Article and other         minor things which might take some time.
 3. No advertisements or product promotion in your Articles. (For adverts through Articles, you should consider the Sponsored Post or place an Advert banner so check our Advert Page).
 4. You can send as many Articles as you can. We won't get tired.

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