18 Nov 2017

Check out details of New Talent Of The Month [#NTOTM] A Step Up Platform for emerging talents

It's time to discover your new favourite talent and help them STEP UP as Each month our editors painstakingly hand pick from all entries made the Nation's most talented emerging acts for the NEW TALENT OF THE MONT (#NTOTM) to be published on over 7 top notch entertainment blogs and media outlets all over the country. NEW TALENT SPOTLIGHT is a platform specially designed for underground MCs and cutting edge Producers On the Come Up, Dance Hall and POP prodigies en route to total chart domination as well as the next generation of promoters and marketers from all over the country.

Hit us up on:
0813 101 4843
 for more details/instructions on the NEW TALENT OF THE MONTH. #NTOTM and how to get featured.

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