10 Oct 2017

Man goes temporarily insane after wife gives birth to conjoined babies in Lagos.

A man in Lagos was so distraught when his better half brought forth conjoined twin infant young boys that he turned out to be temporarily crazy.

Mr Obinna Ugwuoke, from Ebonyi state, and his lovely wife Mrs Amarachi Ugwoke gave birth to their children at First Covenant Hospital in Satellite Town, Lagos on the eighth of May 2017. The couple, who have two other children, were stunned when they saw that their children were joined at the stomach.
The young men have four separate legs, two separate heads, and four hands however are intertwined starting from the chest to the stomach. They have been named James and John.

The parents are anticipating a surgery to separate their children and their parish has started a fund-raising to help pay for the operation.
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