23 Sep 2017

Ugandan Court Official has being disciplined for indecent dressing

A Ugandan judicial officer has been suspended from work for what was termed indecent dressing. Rosemary Namuwanga who is a court clerk and interpreter at Kasangati Magistrate's Court in Wakiso. Daily Monitor reported on Friday that she was punished on Thursday by the Public Service Permanent Secretary Josephine Muwonge.

"Muwonge faulted Namuwanga for defying public service standing order by dressing in a manner that does not portray a good image of the judiciary and public service image," the agency said. Namuwanga was given a letter dated September 21. "It stated she was dressed in a very short and tight dress which, by description, did not fall within the generally acceptable standards of the established Notice NO.1 of 2017. "

Namuwanga is reportedly the seventh civil servant to suffer these consequences following a ban on sleeveless, transparent and tight clothes for public service officers. "All clothing is expected to cover the cleavage, navel and the back while sleeveless and transparent blouses and dresses were banned." The workers also can't wear flat shoes or colour their hair.

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