3 Aug 2017

Face of Plateau Empowerment Initiative (FOPEI) announces it’s first Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Training for 2017.

Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Training for 2017 by Face of Plateau Empowerment Initiative (FOPEI)

The participants will be groomed to enhance a better-informed skill acquisition and provide a more creative and well thought-out service that will further bring a better offering to the consumer.

Our training are configured to give a stage to prepare and teach individual's on abilities that can help in wealth creation.


° How to process and package, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Pepper Parsly, Celery and other Spices, for commercial and home use.

° How to Combine Natural Plant for Healthy living E.g Tumeric, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mint, Leek etc.

° How to make Pastries e.g Cake, Somosa, Spring Roll, Egg Roll, Fish Roll, Meat Pie etc.

° How to make Soya Milk and Smoothies.

° How to make Hair Product like Shompoo, Conditioner, Hair Cream and Pedicure Scrub, Liquid Detergent Disinfectant, Bleach, Air Fresher, Petroleum Jelly, Perfume.

° Bridal Hair, Make up, Gele Tying and Bead Making.

° Photography, Videography and Visual Editing.

° Solar, Intercom and CCTV Camera installation.

° Event Decoration

° How to start rabbit business.

° Home Painting

*Special seminar on:*
°The knowledge of Wealth Creation,
°How to take over the Market Place,
°Accessing Finance for your Business Start up,
°Financial Literacy.
°Discovery New Opportunities in Recession,
°7 way to prosper in hard times (Recession)


*Classes Commence From:*
14th August to 26th August 2017

*For More Information, Sponsorship & Partnership Contact Us:*

Delay no further and register while offer still lasts.

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