14 Jul 2017

Lol... Repair Man Gets Stuck In An ATM Machine; Slips 'help Me' Notes Through Receipt Slot

A repairman changing out the bolt of an ATM was stuck inside and he had to slip notes requesting help through the money distributor's receipt space.

As indicated by Corpus Christi Police, the man was changing the bolt of a room that interfaces with the ATM of a Bank of America on Wednesday evening when he was caught. Regularly, In those kind of circumstances, help is only a content or telephone summon however the repairman left his telephone in his truck.

With no telephone, and nobody around to free him, the repairman chosen to compose notes requesting help and slip it through the receipt opening, trusting a bank client would see them.

"Please help. I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone. Please call my boss," the repairman wrote along with his boss' phone number. Police said some customers thought the notes were a joke, but one decided to give them a call.

Police needed to kick down a way to get the repairman out.


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