11 Jul 2017

Psy's "Gangnam Style" is no longer YouTube's most-watched video (Details)

"Gangnam Style", the Super hit song of South Korea's Psy has lost the main spot as the YouTube most-watched video. A position that was maintained for 5years

The tune, discharged in 2012 got 2,894,387,295 perspectives till date however was still surpassed today by the endearing track 'See You Again' from the film Furious 7 by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

As at today, the inspiring track has 2,895,253,744 perspectives on YouTube, more than Gangnam Style's 2,894,387,295 perspectives.

The third most-viewed YouTube video ever is Justin Bieber's 'Sad', discharged a year back with 2,635,516,833 perspectives.

'See You Again' was a tune committed to Paul Walker and was incorporated into the Furious 7 soundtrack after he kicked the bucket in 2013 when his Porsche smashed and blasted into blazes.

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