4 Jun 2017

Farmers said-Herdsmen attacks are responsible for high cost of garri

The Nigeria Cassava Growers Association says the unending attacks by herders on farmers and their things the country over, is, as it were, accountable for the deficiency in cassava things, for instance, Garri and Fufu and the development in expenses of these sustenance things. Over the latest two months, there have been over 100% extension in the expenses of staple sustenances, for instance, Garri, Fufu and others.

A paint holder of Garri which used to go for N400, now goes for N1000 or also, dependent upon the territory.

As shown by the developing body, the attacks by the herders have left agriculturists scared of retreating to their farms, inciting a low turnover of these things. The social occasion's pioneer, Segun Adewumi divulged this when he talked at a limit in Lagos starting late

 He said, "It has been a very difficult time for cassava farmers in Nigeria because of the incessant attacks by herdsmen, who make it difficult for them to go to their farms. Farmers are afraid to go and cultivate. Some farmers have lost their lives for venturing into the farms. All that the farmers had were lost to these attackers, and that really affected production of cassava” 

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