17 Jun 2017

48 opposition MPs were suspended for boycotting President’s speech in Zambia

The Zambian parliament on Tuesday suspended 48 resistance administrators for boycotting Zambia's pioneer, Edgar Lungu's address at the official opening of the social affair in March

The managers from the United Party for National Development (UPND) evaded Lungu's address ensuring he was not the true blue victor of the 2016 choice.

Parliament Speaker Patrick Matibini announced the suspension of the 48 authorities since they are yet to see Lungu as the head of state.

           "I challenge you to resign 
            on moral grounds if you         
            do not recognize that there 
            is a legitimately elected government," 
           Matibini said in parliament.

           "I have, in exercise of my powers, 
            decided to suspend the 48 members 
           of parliament from service for a period 
            of 30 days with effect from today."
Matibini said that the managers would not be paid or approach the parliament building or lodgings in the midst of their suspension. 

The pioneer of UPND', Hakainde Hichilema, who in like manner has declined to see Lungu as president with cases that the Presidential race was settled to bolster the President, was caught in April near to five others for purportedly fail to offer way to deal with President Edgar Lungu's motorcade. 

Hichilema and the five are starting at now facing trick charges and are being kept at a most extraordinary prison detain in Kabwe.

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