12 May 2017

Woman Seeks Divorce Because Man Fails To Kill Ram For Their Naming Ceremony

A housewife, Rukayya Hamza, of Alkammawa district in the Sokoto North Local Government Area has dragged her significant other, Ghazali Garba, before the city cut down sharia court in Sokoto, attempting to detachment him for not butchering rams to stamp their children's naming capacities.

Rukayya told the court, overseen by Faruk Ibrahim, that the life partner just offered names to the youths, Idris and Khadija, three years and five months independently, without butchering rams.

She moreover cried that Ghazali Garba was not supporting her, and most conditions, beat her, urging the court to separate their marriage. The life partner surrendered not butchering rams in the midst of the naming, yet rather denied distinctive insistences his loved one leveled against him.

He told the court that he neither kept her significant other from sustenance nor manhandled her.

Garba expressed, "I didn't butcher crushes on the children's naming since I was obligated at whatever point she was passed on of the children. Thusly, I offered names to the adolescents like that."

Expelling the case till May 23, 2017, the judge urged the companion to present eyewitnesses to attest against the spouse as she affirmed.

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