27 May 2017

ENT News: Northern Nigeria's Biggest Music label Is Hatched In Jos

RepNaija Entertainment is an Entertainment Company based in Jos Plateau State but has extensions from all over the country and even the world. RNE is a whole made of many units which include Comedy, Music, Music, Modeling, Fashion, Artist Promotion, Blogging and other aspects of Entertainment it is has a very renowned CEO who goes by the name Jerry Tunkarimu Popularly known as Cake Lord who doubles as northern Nigeria's foremost baker. RNE's label manger is Francis Jackson Uchegbu. RNE has signed to it's music unit Dayce(David Amagong) who is majorly into RnB, dancehall, Afro pop and lots of other genres. He defines versatility. MC Utaba is the comedian signed to the prestigious RNE who is also in skits. The official in-house disk Jockey of the RNE is DJ ATM and also an official hype man and VJ  Eminee Snazzy.
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