29 Apr 2017

"You Cannot Break Into My House" - Ex Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang Tells EFCC

The previous Plateau State Governor, Jonah David Jang, on Thursday raised the caution over a claimed plot by agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to attack his home looking for plundered assets.

Talking amid a Town Hall meeting with his constituents in Jos, the Senator speaking to Plateau North demanded that he had no plundered store in his home.

The Senator nonetheless, cautioned that anyone who breaks into his home would repair any harmed or damaged portion of it.

Bellow are his words:

“Somebody came to my house and told me that there is plan to raid the houses of all former PDP Governors. My house is very open for them to come and search, but I want to say this to the hearing of the public, if anybody breaks my house, they will hear us up to supreme court. “You cannot break into my house and go free, you must come and repair it, if they think I hide money in the ceiling or anywhere, they should have equipment that can trace the money, but if they come to start breaking walls, they will repair my house because they will not find a kobo, I didn’t steal money "he former governor also alleged that his successor, Governor Simon Lalong has vowed to take him to jail for corruption but he will not find him guilty of any financial mess that will land him in prison.“Lalong is investigating my Government to make sure he jail me, they have investigated and did not find anything, they have gone to EFCC nothing, they have gone to ICPC nothing, they are still back to EFCC again.“Former President, Goodluck Jonathan had asked me where I got money to execute projects across the state but my pain is that the present government is not asking this question, they are only interested in soiling my name but what I did in eight years will vindicate me,” Jang said.

Those were the words of Senator Jonah Jang(former Governor of Plateau State).

Source: Jtownconnect

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