20 Apr 2017

This Beautiful Kenyan Girl Was Killed By Her Lover,And Her Body, Hidden In The Freezer (pics)

A 25-year-old school understudy in Kenya, Abdulkarim Njoroge, has been caught for as far as anyone knows executing his mate, Irene Kananu and covering her body in a cooler in his home.

It was reported by the Star reports that Njoroge gagged Kananu in his home in Mtwapa area in Mombasa taking after a conflict when she expected to abandon him because he got another woman pregnant.

He was caught on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, exactly two weeks after the gathering(family) of the deceased, a HR officer with substance mammoth Henkel in Industrial Area, declared her missing on March 31.

The lost body was found Unclad with her head, inside the cooler while her legs and hips were emerging.

The lovers professedly combat after Kananu found that Njoroge had impregnated his riddle and secret sweetheart who is his neighbor living in a comparable square of cushions with him.

They as regularly as conceivable battled over instances of unfaithfulness on his part and Kananu had incapacitated to surrender him a couple times.

the sister of the deceased, Catherine Nduta , declared her Sister missing on April 3 at Githurai Kimbo police base camp, consequently after endeavoring to get her on phone a couple times with no positive outcome.

Police opened examinations and following two days, operators broke into Kananu's home where they found Kananu dead.

Appart from just slaughtering the lady, Njoroge was in like manner said to have stolen her auto and professedly pulled back Sh40,000 from Kananu's M-Pesa account better half and stuffing her body in a cooler in his home.

This is so cruel and inhuman.

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