28 Apr 2017

See what Efe is now doing with his Based on Logistics slang (photos and mp3)

See what Efe is now doing with his Based on Logistics slang

The bbnaija ex house mates are all out on a career chasing movement and one of them is Efe who emerged winner and Efe is utilizing his slang at the bbnaija house to the maximum to the extent of singing a song titled, "based on logistics". He is a smart guy.

Although some Nigerians say they don't like his music but we can all see that the rising star is breaking all bounds and making it in his career and According to him, "releasing a new song is just the beginning".

Well Efe is not the only housemate who is utilizing the opportunity that was gotten as a result of their stay at the Bbnaija house because even without winning, they have gained popularity and their talents were displayed for the whole world to see and they have taken advantage of that to the fullest.

Marvis has launched a website, Gifty has a website too, Kemen is launching a campaign, Bally is already getting shows as a DJ, ThinTallTony wants to go on a tour of Nigerian universities, Bassey has already appeared in a few movies, Uriel wants to open a restaurant, Jon is focusing on his music and others are reveling their plans little by little.

Get based on logistics by Efe

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