28 Apr 2017

Must Read: DJ Khalid's 'Grateful' album set to feature lots of stars

Another one !!! It’s no secret that DJ Khaled and his son, 6-month-old executive producer
Asahd Khaled have been working over time to deliver DJ Khaled’s forthcoming ‘Grateful’ album.
Although up to now, everything has been top secret, we do know that those Drake vocals finallyyyyyyyy came in.
DJ Khaled recently sat down with Power 106’s The Cruz Show to speak on his upcoming new album, and he confirms that it will have features from Drake , Rihanna , Nas , Chance The Rapper , Lil Wayne, Migos member Quavo, Justin Bieber , and more!
Mannnnn this project is going to have a star-studded line-up of features man. He already has
Beyonce and Jay Z on it!
Rumor has it that Future , Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott may also appear on the album.
Is Nas’ own album finished yet though? Are you ready for Khaled’s album?!

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