11 Feb 2017

Fire of the "Freshmen cypher" 2017

unijos freshmen cypher 2017 www.Kayvics.com

  The Freshmen cypher is a yearly rap competition organized by the S.U.G as part of its week long activity to celebrate the Ujay week.
This years cypher is nothing short of exiting, entertaining and filled will glamour. Every single MC that jumped on the MIC had great potential and talent but a winner had to emerge and I am sure that even the judges which included the popular B.O.C who is himself one of the best MC's in northern Nigeria had a tough time in eliminating contestants.
  At the end though, two talented rappers remained.

Deuce of K.M.G ( Kayvics Music Group ) and Phllux of P.O.P entertainment

This two great and talented rappers had to face each other in the finals. We later found out that both were buddies from the same Faculty!!!
  It was probably the fiercest rap battle I have ever witnessed but in the end, Phllux the "lord know" rapper emerged champion of the "freshmen cypher" 2017. The last two contestants are going to appear in the next "freshmen cypher" video.

Download "LORD KNOWS" by Phllux

Download "STILL RAPPING" by Deuce

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