3 Feb 2017

Advocacy group in Nigeria fights to end traditional killing twins

    Presently in Nigeria, a rights group is trying their best to stop or bring an end to the evil practice of killing twins with the believe that they are evil which is common in the southern part of Nigeria.
    This tradition is not new in the southern zone of Nigeria because it dates back to many years
ago(since before colonialism) and this was practiced because of the belief that twins are evil spirits. Though this practice has drastically reduced to a very large and significant extent due to the advent of civilization, exposure and education though it has not ended completely.

Source: africa.cgtn.com 
you can check full details of this report using the above link.


Precious and Perfect said...

this actually has to stop Kudos to that group
This is also part of civilization in Nigeria.

Victor Dabak said...

exactly my dear

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