29 Jan 2017

Music: Dawar Siman Luka L.S.S Aspirants Jingle

L.S.S President Unijos
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               SIMAN LUKA for LSS President(Unijos)

  Dawar Siman Luka L.S.S Aspirants Jingle which feature's some of the great artists in the Faculty of Law (University of Jos)
It is a wonderful track which is capped with the phrase, "Selfless service".
Siman Dawar for lss president
  A very critical moment in the Faculty of Law (University of Jos) when everyone wants to know the answer to the question, who is the right man?
It is a period whereby the future of the Faculty is determined by the students through election.
note: The position I am referring to here is the post of the L.S.S President (University of Jos).
The future of this great Faculty lies in the choices made by the students in the fourth coming election.

  In this track(Jingle), the hearts of the students as to "who the right man is" is properly voiced out for all to hear and the Jingle was sang by some wonderful artists from the Faculty.

   I have said much and I feel I have crossed the bounds of explanation. Just download, listen and share!!!

   Together, L.S.S is going to the promise land with Dawar Siman.

                 Download now

Siman luka for lss president 2017

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