20 Jan 2017

4 phrases that people use on social media without meaning them (You are guilty of 3)

                     4 phrases that people use on social media without meaning them

Chatting has become rampant over the years and people who don't associate themselves with any social media are referred to as, "a bush fellow). People use this platforms to lie anyhow (some are intensional while others are not).

Bellow are six(5) common and funny lies of social media.

1. L.O.L (Laughing out loud): this one is legendary and it use by virtually everyone but not everyone actually means it. Someone will be frowning like he/she like they fell in gutter but will still type LOL for you when you are as boring monastery... (Hmm!! Change oo)

2. I'm not feeling too well: You are chatting with #bae and you ask her why she is not replying you quickly and she will be like, "its not like that. Just that I am not feeling to well" (while she is gisting and laughing with others at that same time) hmmm! There is God oo!!...repent before the plaques from Egypt reach your side oooh!!!!!   #Smiles

3. My battery is down: I don't need to talk much on this one because it is mostly true but for those of you that type,"My battery is down" when your phone is on 60%...hmmm!! Well, who am I to take an action so I say, "WEH DONE SIR"

4. B.R.B (be right back): This is one of the biggest lie I have seen so far on social media because 80% of people who tell you (brb) while chatting don't mean it.... How can you tell someone (brb) and still be online for hours after saying that and you won't even say hi again till the person says it..there is God ooo!!!


De Wordsmith said...

its true sha

Josh said...

Abi oo.

Prince John Okosun said...

Hahaha... funny but true. I do most of them sometimes especially the BRB...

I just say so when your chatting is really boring.

Nice post..

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